Introducing our digital solutions

Besides consulting our strong suit is the development of highly customized digital solutions. From data analysis via customized websites to destination apps and data management systems with open data we have you covered, we offer full digitalization services wrapped in a beautiful designs by our in-house design team.

From strategy via implementation right into your customers smartphone, we’re here to help make your destination shine.

3d rendering of a male upper body with a blocky upper head symbolizing digital solutions and AI

Our IT services

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General IT Development

Our general IT development experts implement innovative solutions to strengthen your digital presence. From developing bespoke websites to implementing advanced content management systems and tourism info platforms, we take your digital ecosystem to the next level.


Our Destination App

The development of customized destination apps is one of our key competencies. These apps not only provide tourist information, but also create a unique digital experience for visitors. We integrate features such as personalized itineraries, real-time information, interactivity and much more to optimize the tourist experience.

Appventure App
hand drawn and watercolored wireframes of a website or app


Digital solutions tailored to your needs

Our need-based digital solutions are designed to specifically address the challenges and opportunities of your destination. We analyze your needs, develop tailor-made solutions and implement them to create sustainable added value. This can include the integration of booking platforms, interactive maps, personalized recommendation systems and more.


Data management systems

The efficient management of tourism data is crucial to the success of your digital strategy. Our data management systems offer comprehensive solutions for collecting, storing, analyzing and providing data. We place particular emphasis on data protection, security and the creation of a solid foundation for future developments in data management.

chaotic stacks of paper symbolizing the need for digital data management systems
signed certificate symbolizing certifications for tourism providers


Certification systems for tourism providers

Our solutions include the implementation of certification systems that ensure that tourism providers meet the highest quality standards. This creates trust among travelers and promotes the sustainable development of your destination.


Digital hiking & pilgrimage routes

We design digital hiking and pilgrimage routes that not only show the way, but also enrich the hiking experience with additional information, multimedia content and interactive elements. This solution promotes tourism in rural areas and creates unique experiences for visitors.

person with a hone showing a topographical map for navigation
person in front of a laptop looking at analytic data


Analysis tools for ministries & associations

Our customized analysis tools offer ministries and associations the opportunity to gain comprehensive insights into tourism developments. We enable informed decisions by evaluating data on visitor flows, trends and economic impact.

These solutions are just some of our wide range of digital services. We tailor our expertise to the exact needs of your destination to ensure a successful digital transformation.