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Redefine Tourism

Make your destination even more attractive to national and international travellers by providing a simple one-stop solution for all their travel and leisure needs!
With our new leisure app your travelers will find & book the perfect vacation experience quickly and easily.


Travelers can conveniently book their desired offer in the destination app and pay online by implementing various payment providers.


The requests arrive directly at the provider of the tourist services. This allows the provider to decide whether to accept, modify, or decline them. No overbooking and perfect capacity utilization.


Through our smartphone APP, providers and their employees can easily and quickly check and validate customers digital tickets. Easily digitize the providers of the destination.

Your destination
Your App!

an APP that does justice to your destination on complete trains. from different categories to unique features.

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appventure app screen of a sample tour provider with a rafting tour available to book now

Your leisure providers are easy to discover!

Travelers search for a specific place or get inspired by simply opening the vicinity map. The APP shows you what activities are available in the area.

Online tickets as a digitization boost!

Easily provide digital ticketing systems for travelers’ next adventures. Shorter waiting times for tourists through the QR code of the app make every experience unique.

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appventure app screen of a review on a tour

Information is clearly presented.

Tourists can comfortably browse through the individual offers with picture and video galleries, and book or save their favorites for later.

Digital ticket with QR code!

Very simple for your travelers via digital ticket in the app. A quick scan – and it’s time for unforgettable moments in your destination.

Three simple steps.


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The providers can easily be integrated into the app with their services. In our implementation project phases, the providers are prepared for everything on site, so that the organization can easily make future offers or changes itself.

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During the implementation, we work with them to optimize the entry of the offers into the APP as well as the digital availability of the individual providers to offer a customized solution.

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Providers digitized!

After the implementation phase, providers can easily make all available services digitally bookable with the New Destinations APP. The employee on site can validate the traveler's digital QR ticket easily and quickly. Which can save the customer and the provider a lot of time.

Start your adventure!

As far as the digital future of the tourism industry is concerned, our task is not to foresee it but to enable it!

Become a part of it!


Worldwide system integration made simple!

By accessing the system via mobile devices and PCs, it is possible for organizations and their responsible employees to work from anywhere.

This way, you can present and explain the destination app directly to the tourism service provider and even enter data, which makes the implementation of tourism services, which are still far away from digitalization, even easier.

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These functions make your region ready for the future.

Here is a list of the system benefits of the Appventure Solution for tourism organizations.

Advantages for visitors to the region

Advantages for providers of tourist services

Advantages for tourism organizations

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It has never been easier to set up a travel destination digitally.

Call-center employee


In a non-binding consultation, we work with the organization to develop a rough concept for digitization and its possibilities.

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Project Start

Together, we start the implementation directly on site within the framework of a pilot project! and analyze the results and improvements.

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During theimplementation work at the destination, all desired tools and offers will beincluded. We will also be by your side for training programs, systemoptimization, and more.